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Tree3s algorithm trading is a moderate low-frequency algorithmic trading software program and trading system developed exclusively for TradeStation algorithmic trading platform and using TradeBullet & MultiCharts. The trading strategy is primarily a mathematical option trading software and day trading software that is a computational scientific model of a complex automated trading software system based on the fractal analysis of price stock market patterns and price index convergences together with a technical analysis for the automated trading of long & short algorithmic trading strategies entry and exit trades into the stock market with trading options. Tree3s is neither HFT/sniping algorithm nor a black box! Rather, it is a genuine traders futures trading system and developed to assist the professional make money with algorithmic trading and dma rather than replace the trader! Having been painstakingly designed and developed over many years, special attention has been given to the many considerations algorithmic trading software system traders have when managing a portfolio and risk. With its diverse range of inputs Tree3s has the flexibility to meet all trading needs.